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Working on a Wedding

July 13, 2010

Hi friends! The hectic week is over, and I’m finally processing all the highlights of the weekend. Let me back up a bit to discuss more details.

Our friends Katie and Alex were getting married this weekend at our church (Covenant Presbyterian) here in Nashville, and my friend Libby and I were in charge of the reception decorations, setup and refreshments. We had a fun time collaborating, shopping and setting everything up together, and on Wednesday and Thursday, I’ll show you more details on how Libby and I created a very budget-friendly and colorful reception.

Here is a picture of the lovely Libby and bride-to-be Katie at the Bachelorette Party.

But, for my personal records, I wanted to highlight a couple of things about the weekend that don’t warrant a full post.

Here I am making gallons upon gallons of fruit tea punch (recipe found here) that was super yummy. Libby had the genius idea to fill bundt pans with the punch and put them in the freezer so that, when we served the punch at the reception, the punch ice would melt, rather than watering it down with regular ice. Even though this was a great idea, you really should know the difference between commercial-sized refrigerators and freezers, considering I stuck all four bundt pans in the church walk-in refrigerator only to discover an hour before the reception that the punch in the bundts had melted. Oh well! The punch was cool and fine anyway. And I enjoyed making it with the help of JD!


How cute is this Bachelorette Party game? The bridesmaids wanted to test Katie’s knowledge of Alex, so they video-taped Alex’s answers to certain personal questions (favorite band, favorite color, first date, etc). Katie had to get the answers right or drink more wine! She actually did really well! I love that they used the videotape because the answers end up being very hilarious.


My absolute favorite part of wedding weekends is visiting with our college friends from across the country. When a group of us gets together, it is always a blast (as we know from this fun gathering at our home in 2009). We always have such interesting conversations, share tons of inside jokes, and eat and drink a lot. This weekend was no exception.

Below is our Friday morning breakfast made by Jon: his famous omelettes with yummy bacon and hash browns on the side. JD also made bloody marys, which were a big hit!


Skip ahead to Saturday night: the wedding was over, and the setting up and planning was done. It was time to relax! Thankfully, I was able to sneak a cute photo of me and JD.

Stay tuned tomorrow with our adventures in budget-friendly flowers!

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