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Wedding: Adding Some Color

July 15, 2010

So, remember these streamers? As Libby and I were planning the reception, we knew we wanted colorful flowers on white table linens. But beyond that, everything was so blah. I mean, even the napkins were white! So I thought: we need something else.

We ended up using the cloth streamers/pennants all over… around the refreshment table, gift table, guest book table, etc. They really added just a unique flair to everything.

Best of all, the pennants created another little “theme” that I didn’t expect, and as I made the calligraphy for the table signs, I discovered I could add little mini pennants to the signs as well!

Here was my work in progress with the table signs.

Best of all, this didn’t cost us a thing. We used the streamers from the events I’ve done in the past, the signs used leftover scrap fabric, and the paper was already in my possession. No biggie! Plus, it added just a few details that made it really fun.


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