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Guest Friday Feast: Beef Stir Fry Sliders

July 16, 2010

As we continue with our installment of “JD the master chef,” throughout the month of July, I bring you to his very first second dinner post-layoff: Beef Stir Fry Sliders. I remember how excited he was to make this recipe, and it turned out amazing. It was so yummy that I think he surprised himself!

The recipe required so many ingredients, though, so keep that in mind while you’re making it.

Stir-Fry in a Bun courtesy Guy Fieri


1 tablespoon canola oil

1 tablespoon minced garlic

1 tablespoon minced ginger

1 pound top sirloin, slightly frozen, then cut into 1/4-inch slices, cut against the grain

2 carrots, peeled and cut on the bias into 1/4-inch pieces, approximately 1 cup

3 celery stalks, cut on the bias into 1/4-inch pieces, approximately 1 cup

1 red bell pepper, cut into 1/2-inch strips, approximately 1 cup

1 red onion, cut into 1/4-inch pieces, approximately 1 cup

1/4 cup sake

3 tablespoons soy sauce

1 tablespoon hoisin sauce

cornstarch slurry (mix 1/2 teaspoon cornstarch with 1/2 teaspoon water)

1 cup bean sprouts

1/4 teaspoon sesame oil

1 package Hawaiian sweet dinner rolls (12 to 16 rolls)

1/2 bunch green onions, julienned for garnish

  • In a large saute pan, or wok, add oil over high heat. Add in garlic and ginger, cook for 10 to 15 seconds. Add sirloin and saute, stirring frequently until just cooked through, approximately 1 minute. Stir in carrots, celery, red bell peppers and red onions sauteing briefly, 1 minute. Add in sake to deglaze, then add in soy, hoisin and cornstarch slurry. Continue to stir on high heat for about 30 seconds. Stir in bean sprouts and sesame oil to combine and remove from heat.

  • Steam or heat rolls in a warm 250 degree oven, tightly wrapped in foil for 8 minutes.
  • Take rolls, 2 at a time, and leaving them attached, gently split open and fill with approximately 3/4 cup of stir-fry mixture. Garnish with green onions and serve immediately.

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