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A Case by Case!

July 20, 2010

 Hi friends! JD and I had a great anniversary on Saturday. It was so fun and relaxed. It was just what we needed.

I’ve been catching up on life this week, and I promise more fun finds. In the meantime, I wanted to show you this sunglasses holder tutorial result sent in by a reader. After this post, Ponchatoula friend Casey was so inspired that she whipped out her sewing machine and got started on her own sunglasses case. She sent me her progress and I’m so impressed.

I used a yellow and white ticking stripe fabric that I had left over from a project a few years ago.  I ended up cutting the fabric on the bias to create this super-cool slanty-lined look – mainly because slanted lines are more forgiving than straight lines, especially for beginner-level sewers like myself!

I sewed the ticking fabric to some heavy-duty white felt, the kind that comes on a roll instead of in squares.  This made a super-soft, quilt feeling rectangle, which I folded and sewed down into a case shape with a long flap.

Side note: since mine is has different fabric on the inside than on the outside, I regret not adding a fun liner fabric to the inside flap.  Instead, as you’ll see in the pics, I just dropped the ball on that, and the inner flap is just a border of the ticking fabric folded around the white felt.  It would have been so cute if I had thought to add maybe a navy lining right there. Drat. Next time though…

I’m so proud of Casey! Look how great this looks!

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