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Not-so-Shabby Apple

August 10, 2010

Here in the Stuart household, I’m on an unspoken clothes-buying moratorium due to our one-income lifestyle these days. This isn’t really a big deal, mostly because I have been shopping in my own closet; a more regimented exercise routine has opened up my clothing options to things I haven’t worn since circa 2004. (Woot!)

Otherwise, I love looking at clothing and styles. And, even though I can’t buy the things I like and see, I can definitely appreciate what is for sale, as well as how a shop sells their product.

One store that intrigued me recently was Shabby Apple, thanks to Jen. This online shop is full of dresses and accessories, but most importantly, it has a great option to shop by your body type. So, after answering a couple of questions, I found that I have a pear body shape and that the following dresses are perfect for me. Isn’t that nice?

White Eyelet dress ($76)

This is perhaps my favorite one, Madison Avenue ($76). I love the off-centered buttons.

The “Skyscraper” line is a fun one. The CEO is $96.

The San Gabriel is stunning too. ($86)

Definitely worth checking out… it was fun to browse around by body shape as well as by style.

I’m still working on my 30 Before 30 list to show you… I have a few gaps left, but I’m close to being done. Any suggestions before I show it to you? (I refuse to get over my fear of snakes… I’m just going to be scared of them forever.)

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