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Labor Day Recap

September 7, 2010

Hunky Dory by Dear Colleen

Hoo wee, what a good long fun Labor Day weekend. Three full days of friends, yummy food, football, movies, and time in the garden. A couple of comments:

  • Movie “Book of Eli”… goodness it was great. Still thinking about it.
  • I got a weird rash for 24 hours after severe garden pruning. Note to self: Benadryl is great but lasts in my system for a very long time. Still fighting the sleepies.
  • JD and I went tailgating and to the Vanderbilt game… tickets and food (Jim ‘n Nicks) were free to all employees and their families. Seriously, it is good to work for Vandy.
  • Tried and failed at running in the morning… my pal Libby is trying to convince me to run this awesome 5K, but I have more energy in the evening. How do I get myself ready for an early morning run?
  • Started listening to Vampire Weekend again. They sound a lot like Paul Simon, another favorite.
  • Over the weekend, we took advantage of the Labor Day Whole Foods deal: 8 burgers, 8 buns, 8 slices of cheese, coleslaw and two cantaloupes for $20. Pretty awesome. JD did a great job on our burgers.
  • Last night, JD and I stayed up until almost 1 a.m. watching “Notting Hill” for the 27th time. Ah, the pleasures of married life… always having a buddy to make bad sleep decisions with.
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  1. Annette permalink
    September 8, 2010 3:53 pm

    Sounds like a great weekend! Everything except Notting Hill, that is. :) Love, Annette

    P.s. Very proud of the great job on burgers!

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