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Thursday Link Love

September 9, 2010

Every once in a while I like to throw out a bunch of fun things I’ve found around the internet… I hope you enjoy what I’ve grabbed!

Cute! A pennant/bunting tea towel! Two of my favorite things.

* * * * *

I have never been a big fan of wallpaper. Except if it’s made by one of my favorite blogger/designers… Oh Joy! for Hygge & West

* * * * *

Well it’s true, Nashville. “J’aime ma ville” t-shirt from Basic French

* * * * *

Yes, this has been promoted to death, but I really like these Cynthia Rowley band-aids. Just in time for flu shot season!

* * * * *

Will someone make this homemade caramel sauce recipe for me? Dang, man.

* * * * *

Ah, who told me about these? Was it you, Wall Street Journal? Greenaid seedbombs… 

Made from a mixture of clay, compost, and seeds, “seedbombs” … can be thrown anonymously into these derelict urban sites to temporarily reclaim and transform them into places worth looking at and caring for. The Greenaid dispensary simply makes these guerilla gardening efforts more accessible to all by appropriating the existing distribution system of the quarter operated candy machine. Using just the loose coins in your pocket, you can make a small but meaningful contribution to the beautification of your city!

* * * * *

People, go give blood. I did over a week ago, and while there, the Red Cross explained that late summer is a big shortage time. An hour of your time and a 2-second uncomfortable needle stick can be a big help to someone in your community.

* * * * *

Books on Shirts. Shirts on a MissionOut of Print clothing shop that celebrates book covers. Which would you choose? My favorites are probably…

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