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Procrastination is my Frenemy

September 21, 2010


Procrastination painting by NayArts

So, I continue to find this out about myself: when I don’t know how to proceed with something — a project, responding to an email, even a friendship — I do nothing. I just stop right in my tracks and just push it aside. It’s not exactly intentional… but I do know I’m not doing what I’m procrastinating. There will be weeks where I’ll have the same thing on my to-do list and I keep writing on the next week’s to do list. Not a pretty cycle.

I’ve been trying to get things done more promptly, but somehow things keep creeping up on me. I’m trying to put a few strategies in place, and I found this list of the 7 ways to avoid procrastination which I really like. My favorite is #2… do it every day, which is great. Especially for this here Kate Schmate, I would be able to convey all my ideas more thoroughly and not at the last minute if I blogged every day.

For now, procrastination is my frenemy. Hopefully I can catch up and work hard on not putting anything else aside.

How do you like NayArts? Some of my other favorites of his:

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