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Friday Feast: Fried Egg and BBQ Sandwich

October 8, 2010

Remember that kind-of terrible movie Runaway Bride with Richard Gere and Julia Roberts? (Yeah, it was pretty bad, although I do like many of the actors individually, specifically Joan Cusack.) As the plot progresses, the audience realizes that Maggie (Julia Roberts) hasn’t really figured out what kind of eggs she likes… she just orders the kind that her boyfriend or fiance orders. I remember that part of the movie fondly, and I understood what it was trying to say overall. But, I didn’t really think about the question specifically: “what eggs do I actually like?”

For real, guys, I just figured out what kind of eggs I like. And, I’m proud to say, I most prefer fried eggs.

Don’t get me wrong: I love scrambled eggs as well as JD’s omelets, and I always throw in a hard-boiled egg in my Whole Foods salad bar lunch. But, if I just had to make myself eggs, I would prefer to make them fried. Why hadn’t I discovered this sooner?

JD jokes about these times when I get on “kicks” with certain foods … foods I discover or rediscover, and then I want to cook or order them over and over. (Sushi was a classic example of this when I first started trying it out.) Right now, I’m on a fried egg kick and have been wanting to experiment making it in everything. (I recently put a fried egg in a spinach and pear salad. No lie… and pretty good!)

On a related note, I’ve been doing a lot of events at work. These events are several small dinners where my office provides the catering. Typically, I choose Jim ‘N Nicks for our caterer, and I take a plate or two home. After week three of barbecue, it was getting a little boring. So, I reinvented the use of the pulled pork, and I made a fried egg and barbecue sandwich.

And… it was awesome. Wheat toast, fried eggs, pulled pork heated in a skillet with Sweet Baby Rays and Tabasco, with a couple dill pickle slices. Yep. Good stuff. Oh, actually… JD put his not on wheat toast but on some leftover hot dog buns. Because we’re classy like that.

I’m not going to go into details or ingredients, but I just wanted to show off what a beautiful creation this is. Yum. Times 2.

And, this should teach you a lesson… a) if you don’t know what kind of eggs you like, maybe now’s the time. And, b) be creative with leftovers! I tend to just be wasteful with leftovers when I don’t want them again. But, if you’re just a little thoughtful with your food combinations, you can end up with a new and tasty outcome.

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