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All Bundled Up

November 2, 2010

Finally… Halloween is over. Time to focus on the fall, Thanksgiving, cooler weather, and the impending awesome holiday that is Christmas.

I finally took out all my winter clothes and sweaters this weekend, and I got really excited about being bundled up! I haven’t done any online shopping lately since we’re on a clothes-buying moratorium, but some of the winter looks out there right now are super fun.

You have to start your clothing search by finding a favorite trench coat! This “Under the Rose” trench from Ruche is really nice ($92).

Long warm dresses… yes please, Forever 21. Chunky Striped Dress ($29.80)

Sigh, yes, I do like LC and her clothes. Here’s a sweater in her line at Kohl’s ($50).

Um, yeah, I’d wear this. Kind of fun in a faux way. Piperlime ($92)

Ooh, picture this dress with fun tights and boots. Love it! From LeMuse on Etsy ($89)

I can’t get away from the sequins. I still love them, regardless of how absolutely NOT practical they are. But this sweater from J. Crew is purdy. ($398… ouch ouch ouch)

Ahhh… thanks, Target, for being in my price range. Adi Slouchy Boots ($37)

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