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Janet Hill Studios

November 4, 2010

Awhile ago (like months and months), my friend Della posted an Etsy shop item by Janet Hill on her Facebook page. I love when my friends do this! Especially for friends who don’t have blogs, I really like seeing what shops are their favorites and what specifically they use Etsy to find.

It’s fun to see friends’ tastes, even when they don’t align with mine. Knowing Della, I can totally see why she loves this artist, who I then added as a “favorite”… not because I love the shop, but because the shop now reminds me of Della. (Isn’t this how art works? We see something that we really like because it reminds us of someone or something. Or, in JD’s art choices, he just really likes color.)

So, here’s an artist that wouldn’t necessarily scream Kate Schmate, but who I like anyway, because my friend does.

French Toast print ($26)

Black Coffee and a Blueberry Muffin ($26)

Showstoppers (limited edition print $58)

Ladybugs Love Chocolate ($35)

The Night Owl ($25)

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