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November 15, 2010

Well, crud. My perfectionist head is not allowing me to continue with my plan: to give you a full week on gift-wrapping. I’m sorry, guys, but rationally, I cannot unveil a whole host of techniques on wrapping gifts before I reveal my yearly Gift Guide! Duh! That’s like going to the concert before hearing the band… sure, you’d probably enjoy the show, but you’d like it a whole lot more if you had a better picture in your mind as to their genre, their good songs, etc. I’m sorry to disappoint, but we’re back to regularly-scheduled Schmate programming. Keep an eye out on the Monday after Thanksgiving for our yearly gift guide. It’s gonna be a good one!

I currently have holiday cards on my mind. In year’s past, I have made my own. I will probably do that again this year, but it sure is tempting to order some already-beautifully-made ones on Etsy. Here are some of my favorite cards to use this Christmas.

Sarah Parrott has these nice Merry Christmas cards (5 for $16).

Decatur, Georgia’s Avie has a selection of personalized (and printable!) cards.

Always love Yee Haw (thanks, Libby!) and her great cards (set of 8 for $15).

This set of 6 by 1canoe2 is quite fun. ($16)

Lovely Papier is an excellent choice for Christmas cards also! (8 for $15)

Lil Co has some cute tartan cards you could use for the holidays.

These from Seattle’s Turtle Papers are fun!

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