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2010 Holiday Gift Guide: Gals

November 29, 2010

Your favorite coworker, your fun cousin in Mississippi, your bestie… you know the types. The girl who knows what kind of wine you like (red zin), knows exactly where you will suggest for lunch (Whole Foods), and who can call you out when you do something ridiculous (no example needed). Here are gifts for those girls, and I know you know exactly who I’m talking about.

Anthropologie + pottery= you can’t go wrong this Christmas… especially if you choose one of these fun Woodland vases.

Quality nail polish… yes this may seem like a cop-out, but how fun would this be? Throw a few bottles in a fun package after choosing the colors that most remind you of her. (Shades below: Bastille My Heart, Bring on the Bling, and Cuckoo for this Color.)

Anything from Threadsence, a very fun and affordable online shop. (Below, red polka dot handkerchief headband $12 and embellished secrets one shoulder dress $39.)

Design your own gift shoes! A little steep, yes, but very fun. From Shoes of Prey

For your crafty friend, why not practical supplies to get her moving along the right track? Below, chalkboard paint, heat transfer material, and fun tape from Omiyage.

How about some very tasteful jewelry? Perhaps found at Blue Poppy’s Bigcartel site.

Wall calendars! What a fun idea, especially for friends in new homes or who need a new start on the year! This one is from Albertinepress ($30).

Ceramic brooches: fun to clip on winter coats, scarves and purses. Here are a few cuties from and o designs.

Since all my girlfriends are having babies, why not give something fun and practical? I love this Pronto all-in-one changing station/bag ($30).

Beautiful fabric… it’s great for everything: cloth napkins, blankets, placemats, tea towels. Give your girlfriend something to help her be creative, like these swatches from Aunt June.

I’m so excited that Vandy alum Cinda Boomershine has now made a line of Cinda B phone cases! Her designs are very fun and colorful, and she has partnered with Case-mate to create a line of phone cases.

Here is last year’s girl gift guide, in case you need a refresher!

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