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2010 Holiday Gift Guide: Mommas

December 1, 2010

Sure… moms are the same as girlfriends and gal pals. I get that. But imagine a less-edgy, older, tattoo-free woman who likes home goods… that’s who you are buying for here. And, until I have kids, I’m focusing on the folks who I know how to buy for… and right now, that is mommas! (Tangent: how do you spell it: mama or momma? I’ve seen both and always spelled it: momma.)

For the mom who is always getting messy… in her art, garden, craft table or kitchen, this is a great, inexpensive watch. Fun for the stocking too! Ion Watch ($15)

Alert: this may send your mom in a tizzy, akin to the Annie Banks freak out post-blender-wedding-gift from Brian McKenzie. But if you know your mom well (like Brian knew Annie), she may really love these organic, wonderfully smelling cleaning products from Mrs. Meyer’s. They are excellent. I can’t recommend them enough.

I can’t get enough of the fun grocery bags from Flip and Tumble. But, now they have introduced produce bags too! I love this. I always feel weird putting all those plastic bags full of apples and pears in my reusable bags… this is perfect!

How beautiful is this recipe box? For the mom who has spent years collecting recipes, this is a great place to finally organize all those little cards! Rifle has a beautiful box for sale.

I love scarves and mamas do too. Here is a Big Cartel shop (Snoozer Loser) full of scarves that are just beautiful.

These are some fun Brooklynese items from Fishs Eddy.

This French Kitchen Calendar from Nicodemus Green is so nice.

Ornaments are always great presents. I love these Snowy Owls from Lupin.

What a treat! Homemade marshmallows. These from Whimsy & Spice look amazing (chocolate and caramel, below).

You know I love buckets. And your moms will too. Bread and Budder is the place to go.

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  1. Kim permalink
    December 1, 2010 1:00 pm

    Kate: Talked with your mom the other day and she LOVES the watch!!! What great idaas!


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