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2010 Holiday Gift Guide: DIY!

December 3, 2010

Are you guys tired of my gift guides yet? This is the last (serious) one… wink wink.

If you’re like me this Christmas, you’ve got a pretty tight budget. So, I’m making at least 80 percent of my gifts this year. (Mom, don’t read this entry too closely! I kid!)

Wow… Cardamom and Ginger Infused Vodka. How tasty! (from Bless Her Heart)

Felt ball garland! What a fun gift idea to make. Here’s the tutorial from Oh Happy Day.

From Design*Sponge, twig push pins! Very creative.

Mint Syrup! Whoa. Will someone just give me that? (from Make Grow Gather)

For all those bacon-lovers in your life, why not whip up some bacon jam? This recipe from Not Quite Nigella looks pretty easy.

I love the idea of making something practical like DIY Cleaning Products! Plus they are organic! (from Design*Sponge)

If you’re an old knitter like me, this Yarn Ball Wreath would be a very fun combo to give as a gift. (from Life Through the Lens)

More decor! Paper garland… how pretty! (from Hambly Screen Prints)

While we’re in the round shape category, these round rag juggling balls are fun for decoration too. (from Maya*Made)

And, don’t forget to check out your favorite Kate Schmate DIY projects available!

Rope Bracelet

Sunglasses Holder

Using Chalkboard Paint

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