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Gift Wrapping Tutorial, Part 2: Everyday Objects as Wrapping

December 8, 2010

As you can tell from this week full of planned gift-wrapping tutorials, I love gift wrapping. But, sometimes, I’m left completely uninspired by the wrapping paper out there. Actually, there are tons of different everyday objects with tons of potential to be wrapping paper. Check out some of my experiments:

Newspaper and Magazine Pages

One swift look through “Real Simple” and I found several fun pages that could be great wrapping substitutes. Other image-heavy magazines like “National Geographic” and “Dwell” are good choices too. (In other words, I wouldn’t recommend “Us Weekly.”)

Aluminum Foil

So easy! So pretty! Kinda fun. Be sure to crinkle it up a little before wrapping it.


Even though it’s not the most festive-looking, maps add a ton of character to otherwise plain gifts. It’s especially fun for folks who love maps anyway (like me and my mom, who is actually getting this gift! Hi, Mom.) You can also wrap the gift using a specific map… perhaps of an exotic location or a map of their birth place.


I had some leftover fabric from scarves that I inherited from Maw Maw, including this doilie below. But, you can use most scrap-fabric to tie. These Furoshiki techniques are good guides for wrapping fabric.

Paper Grocery Bags

I love this look, especially when I was given gifts by a friend who had stamped the grocery bags prior to wrapping. How clever she is! This idea is definitely not mine, but by an earthy mama, and I really enjoyed getting this sweetly packaged gift.

Spray Paint

Oh the possibilities with spray paint. I gathered a few items around the house that I thought would be fun to transform with red or gold spray paint. Turns out only a few are good post-painting. But, they really made boring items more fun.



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  1. Kim permalink
    December 8, 2010 3:09 pm

    I love this week of gift wrapping blogs. Added notes to today’s entries: 1) try spraying a little gold on the red objects and a little red on the gold objects, 2) yes I adore maps, 3) wrapping in the Sunday funnies is great for any occasion, 4) Sorry, Kate, the aluminum foil has to go. I saw too much of it on my dorm windows in college. :)

  2. Annette permalink
    December 8, 2010 3:27 pm

    Kate, I’m enjoying your gift wrapping tutorials as well. I especially loved seeing Lucy. I get tickled thinking how much help you are getting from her.


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