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Pop Chart Lab

January 10, 2011

It’s a snow day here in Nashville. I’m so excited to do a few things around the house, cook a bunch of food (I’ll have a great Friday Feast for you this week!), and just have to stay inside. From what I can tell, it looks like we’ve received about three-four inches of snow. I’ve only seen two cars drive by… those with four-wheel drive can handle the hills getting out of our neighborhood. Not me! I love that Nashville isn’t really used to the snow, so even a small amount of snowfall can shut down the city!

Instead, I’ll just tell you about these awesome posters I found over Christmas break. I sadly cannot remember where I found them to credit the source, but they are so creative and quite fun. Found at Pop Chart Lab, the posters and tees are right up my alley. We may need to skew from the Stuart Family Budget to snag one!

Migratory Patterns of Fresh Princes ($18)

Grand Taxonomy of Rap Names ($25)

No Sleep Til Breukelen ($18)

The Very Many Varieties of Beer ($25)

Be sure to visit the beer and rap posters to see the diagram up close!

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