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Cleaning out the ole inbox

January 26, 2011

I did it! Oh man, I did it. My inbox has single digit emails in the main inbox and it is glorious. Thanks to a bunch of sick days and lazy Sunday afternoons, my inbox is finally organized and beautiful.

One thing that was a big help was making separate folders to divide all of my emails. I wanted enough folders to be comprehensive but not enough to be confusing. I didn’t want to delete a bunch of emails… I just wanted to reorganize them. (That’s why you have Gmail… to hold lots and lots of emails!) Since Gmail also has great searching capabilities, I knew I could just search for keywords or senders to find what I need… so detailed folders weren’t necessary. I’m sure your email organization will be different from mine, but my main folder categories were:

  • JD
  • Parents and Family
  • Vandy Friends
  • Other Friends (I know, this seems weird… but because my Vandy friends live everywhere, and email is the primary source of communication, there were more emails in that category than I thought. I just like distinguishing between the two. Not sure why.)
  • Food and recipes (I hate rewriting recipes to send to people, so I just saved them.)
  • Mary (Yes, there IS a folder just for my best friend Mary, my college roommate/soul mate/maid of honor. But, heck, Mary lives in NYC now, and lived in Miami four years before that. All communication, if not by phone, are in email form. And, they are almost always awesome emails!)
  • Stuart Family Business (Online bills, our insurance information, our logins, etc.)
  • Home Stuff (Everything pertaining to our house, buying our house, our mortgage, good repairmen contact info, etc.)
  • Important Stuff (all other things that were important to me that did not include specific JD and house stuff… ie: friends’ addresses, how to get ink stains out of clothes via an aunt email…)
  • Church
  • Kate Schmate (personal and blog related)
  • Too Good to Throw Away (a category all on its own… emails I just thought were too funny/sweet/interesting but did not fit in another category)

So there we have it… I feel so much better now, don’t you? I hope to keep it up too. I already feel more organized!! And one more off the Thirty Before 30 list!!

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  1. rachel permalink
    January 30, 2011 10:59 pm

    you’re amazing! my inbox says “thousands” so i’m not sure i can ever get there. so jealous.
    and funny – is that an email from me that hasn’t been archived yet? haha ;)

  2. January 31, 2011 8:05 am

    Why yes that is an email from you! It’s the email you sent out about y’all’s new address. I told myself I wouldn’t delete it until I put it in my address book…

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