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Pepper Sprouts

February 8, 2011

I had a wonderful birthday this weekend! It hasn’t sunk in that I’m 29 yet, but I’m getting used to it… it’s a prime number! Maybe it’ll be a prime year?

Regardless of the highlight around my birthday, February is a busy work month. (I’m conducting six events in four weeks… eek!) So, I’ll be spotty this month with Schmate updates.

I am in the middle of a few projects that I’m excited to show you later on, but I’ll have to wait until they are finished. One, though, has required extensive Etsy research, and while I was perusing the lovely site, I found this fun shop that I wanted to share with you. Brooklyn-based Pepper Sprouts has a ton of neat items to browse!

 Smiling Whale Pin … too cute. ($12)

How cute are these retro chair wooden coasters? ($28)

Have you forgotten about my silly love for tea towels? Can I refresh your memory with this cute one… covered in state animals? I can’t stand it… too awesome. ($14)


 Just in time for Valentines… a kissing bunnies necklace! ($20)

Deer in the Forest wall art… very sweet. ($25)

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