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Friday Feast: More Brownies with Candy Inside

February 11, 2011

Why mess with a good thing, you say? When Rollos and Whoppers are involved, why not?

I was chatting with a coworker about Valentine’s Day, and she recalled my peanut butter cup miniature brownie recipe that is quite nice. After some chatting, I wondered what would happen if we put something else in a brownie… perhaps different candy?

So I tried with Rollos and Whoppers. The result? YUM Rollo brownies and crunchy Whopper brownies that were … meh. The Whoppers were good, but at that point, just eat the Whopper by itself!

The original peanut butter cup brownie recipe is here… use it for reference when making with other candies. Anyone else try it with other ingredients?

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