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Berries, Crawfish and the Bag of Donuts

April 11, 2011

JD and I were in Ponchatoula this weekend for the 40th annual Strawberry Festival, and boy was it a treat! My parents treated us so well… we never ran out of food, drink or fun. JD and I got to spend time with some great friends and family… probably not interesting to you but very meaningful to me. As for things you might be interested in… check out the size of those berries!

That is a flat of award-winning, Ponchatoula, klondike berries. They are gorgeous. My parents bought them in an auction, and heck they are tasty. Below is a snapshot to just show you how giant and perfect they are.

We also bought a plate of crawfish, and, together with a strawberry margarita daiquiri, it was a perfect combination. If you’ve never had crawfish, you know you have a good batch if your whole mouth burns. (Vandy is even represented in Ponchy!)

On Saturday night, JD and I finally saw Bag of Donuts, a local cover band who performs everything from Lady Gaga and Cee-lo Green to Dexy’s Midnight Runners and Sting and the Police. My cousin Jan had always hyped them, but I didn’t really give them enough credit. But, once we saw them in person, JD and I won’t miss them again. They really capped off the Fest Saturday night.

Yes they dress up in costumes (much like Kiss …not a typical picture here on Kate Schmate), but they were so much fun. My feet are sore from jumping around in flip-flops.

It was a very fun weekend. I didn’t have my camera most of the weekend, which is such a big mistake. There are tons of details I left out, but it was overall a very fun few days and I couldn’t go on to regularly-schedule Schmate programming without first talking about this fun weekend.

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