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To Fix or To Say Goodbye? The Life Span of Cheap Earrings

April 14, 2011

When JD and I went to Hilton Head back in early fall 2005, I purchased these classy (to me), opaque white earring discs. And for over five years, I’ve worn this pair almost everywhere: I love these earrings. I looked through some old online albums to find that I’ve worn them at several meaningful events. Check it out:

Christmas 2005…

JD’s graduation after party from Law School in 2007…

Mary’s Bachelorette Party in 2007…


Our big visit from college friends in 2009…

Plus, I wear them at least weekly to work or church, and they go with most anything. What can I say? When I like a good thing, I wear it over and over.

But, what happens when you break them?

As I was driving in to work on Monday, I heard a tingle, and down falls my right earring to the floor of the car. I look to see one of my precious, very favorite earrings has cracked at the top where it connects to the hook. Short of a bad super glue job, I can’t fix it.

The dork that I am, I was kind of bummed out all day. I actually only wore one earring for some of the morning, mostly because I was in complete denial.

Ok, yes, there are waaaaay more serious things in life than a broken earring. Good grief, I know that. (Kate Schmate is blog *light*… for now.) But I think the whole incident made me aware of the passage of time and letting certain things go. It was time to move on and say goodbye to this simple piece of jewelry that allowed me not to think: I could put them on and be ready to go. But they were also a reminder of what fun times I had in them, who I was with and where I was when I wore them.

It’s sort of goofy to think that an earring brought on so many thoughts, but I kept coming back to them this week. I couldn’t bear to throw them away yet. But, what do I do with them? I can’t donate them (how many Van Gogh’s are there at Goodwill looking for just one earring?). I can’t put magic tape on them and keep wearing them. I just have to let them go.

So, here’s my little goodbye to my favorite pair of earrings. I’ll miss you. You did a good job. I hope you had fun with me too.

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  1. Kim permalink
    April 14, 2011 1:21 pm

    No, No, NOOOOO…don’t throw them away! You said it yourself. They bring back such wonderful memories. I have an old box of formerly favorite earrings that bring me joy just by opening the box. I’ve even used some of them in collage/mixed media projects.

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