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Watch out MOMA… here’s Coco MoCa

April 21, 2011

Everybody knows I love Jimmy Fallon. After Justin Timberlake, Jimmy is my pretend celebrity boyfriend. (I mean, duh people: HE WRITES THANK YOU NOTES EVERY WEEK! He is my celebrity match!) That said, I enjoy watching Conan more. We record every Conan episode (my conspiracy theory is that DirecTV knows what I want to watch by my habits and I want to support Coco!), and we’ll delete ones we don’t want to watch. I think Conan really shows class and kindness… something you don’t typically see in TV stars or comedians.

This week, Conan interviewed Tina Fey, so I had to watch it. (I heart Tina.) During the show, there was a clip of a Conan drawing, and I noticed the web address: Coco MoCa. So, I checked it out, and it’s a full section of the show’s webpage devoted to fan art of, who else but, Conan.

Cut Paper Portrait by Lindsey Button

After the Leno fiasco, I really enjoyed watching the grassroots campaign backing Conan. His fans came out in creative ways to support him, and I think it’s really cool that Conan has returned the favor and features his fans in different ways, specifically with art.

Conan and Andy in American Gothic

The gallery of work on Coco MoCa is divided up into different categories of mixed media, edibles, painting, illustration and digital art. It’s really a fun site to look around. Not only is Conan himself such a character, but also his tall height, bright red hair, pale skin and sometimes-beard makes him a very fun point of inspiration. Check it out! I’m quite impressed.

Conan Cartoon Watercolor

Archers Delight

Commandante Cocovera

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