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May 4, 2011

I’ve run into some pretty neat websites and blogs lately, and I wanted to share them here, not just in my blog roll (which needs a big update actually). Who actually looks at my blog roll anyway? (Note to self: get rid of the blog roll?)


How awesome is this geared-for-dudes website? It’s GOOP-like in newsletter fashion, considering I can’t really subscribe to it in my Reader. But, after spending just a few minutes on it, it made me realize how much I like Nashville, still after all these years!

* * * * *

College Fashionista

I kind of turn my nose up at blogs about college life, mostly because I’m so absorbed in it right now as a staff person at a fancy college. But, I love that this site takes “on the street” pictures of folks on campus. As an admitted freshman to, say, Ithaca, I would look on this site all day long. I love how it shows the campus culture.

* * * * *


I’m still not entirely sure what Curbly is all about, but I like it. Mentioned in My Life Scoop’s article “Top 5 Sites for Crafters,” there are tons of fun tutorials and projects. My kind of site!

* * * * *


If you like Twitter and you’re a visual person like me, you’ll love Twaggies, illustrated tweets. Super fun.

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