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Road Tripping… and Spilling

May 12, 2011

It’s a known Stuart family fact… JD and I love road trips. Throughout most of our relationship, we have done a lot of driving with or to each other. During the summers when we dated, we never lived in the same city, and seeing each other on a college budget was easier and cheaper in the car. Once we got married, visiting family in different states all involved the car, especially when we lived in Athens, Georgia, where Southwest does not fly. (Maybe one day we will be able to hop a flight from Nashville to Farm 255.) And, when we first got Lucy, we put her in the car with us every chance we had just so she could get used to making trips with us. Thankfully, she loves car trips.

Beyond our large CD collection and enjoying the extra time together, JD and I haven’t quite mastered being prepared for our average 8-hour drives. We typically just make stops for fast food at what we can remember are good cities that have Starbucks. Otherwise, we are awkwardly shoving down lunch while the other is getting gas, or we don’t quite plan our bathroom breaks and stop twice in one hour. We’ll can work on our route knowledge, but how do we prevent… spills?

That’s JD on the start of our 8-hour trip with his new friend, McDonald’s Hot Mustard stain… on his favorite Lou Mitchell’s t-shirt. On our way down for the Mother’s Day Surprise Weekend, the long 8 hours in the car — slowly driving south into the salty humid air — really set that condiment stain. The fate of the beloved tee was looking pretty terrible. If only we had a Kelly Ripa-approved stain stick!

So, as we embark on more road trips this summer, I vowed we would not ruin another great shirt… or be unprepared for the next interstate-inducing disaster! Below are all the items we are taking in our Road Trip Survival Kit:

  • Stain stick
  • Benadryl, ibuprofen, antacids
  • flashlight
  • paper towels
  • thermos or cup
  • spoon, fork, and knife
  • duct tape and scissors
  • garbage bag and smaller grocery bag
  • umbrella
  • snacks!

Any other suggestions for our road tripping?

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  1. Annette Stuart permalink
    May 12, 2011 10:57 am

    You need Wet Ones for germ cleaning. And did you know diaper wipes make great stain removers for “on-the-spot” cleaning? Just a thought. BTW, John David, could you be taking after your father? Do you have a “mustard magnet”?
    Love you both, ~Annette

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