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Tortoise Loves Donkey

May 18, 2011

We’ve got all kind of crazy happening in our house right now, including a sick pup and a visit from a home energy auditor (yay for crossing one more thing off the Thirty before 30 list!!), but I’ll get to that soon.

Real quick… here’s something that’s been on my mind the past week… planters. (I know… don’t I have a riveting thought process?) I made a doozy of a planter last year, but I’ve been exploring where and what to do with some houseplants as we transition into the summer season. I have four succulents on my office window sill, and they might need a refresher too. While exploring, I found this fun Etsy shop with a cute name: Tortoise Loves Donkey, a shop full of planters and terrariums. (Will someone please tell me how terrariums work? They seem pretty but …. complicated. This Claustrophobic Lady doesn’t understand how a plant could like being in that glass case!)

Indoor/Outdoor Concrete Planter ($15)

Group of 3 Tiny Air Terrariums ($14.50)

Giant Big Bottle Air Terrarium ($29.50)

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