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Home Energy Audit, check!

June 1, 2011

I’m so excited to report that, thanks to a special program through the Nashville Mayor’s office, JD and I were able to get a full home energy audit for free. That’s right… something that I thought we would have to budget for was basically handed to us at a discounted rate of $0… and I could not be more thrilled. That’s one more thing off my Thirty before 30 list!

(Quickly, as a side note, let me just say that I really — really! — like our current mayor, Karl Dean. He’s been in office pretty much the same time JD and I have been back in the Nashville, and in all of my interactions with him, he has been top-notch. Yes yes I know I have a soft spot for mayors, but Mayor Dean is doing good stuff [and everyone is too scared to run against him]. I remember the days after the floods in May 2010, there was a big press conference that he held… and he looked so worn down and tired, but he had such an encouraging message. He was so proud of everything that local residents had done for each other. It was a shining day for Nashville’s volunteerism, for sure.)

I digress… back to the audit.

I initially found out about the free evaluations through my favorite local blog, Nashvillest, on April 20: (Thanks again, Megster!)

So I signed up immediately. They called a few days later, and we were rolling! We had an appointment with an official TVA inspector, Gregg Elliott, and he arrived right on time on May 18. He inspected the whole house, gave us a very detailed explanation on what could be done, and even printed pictures of our attic and crawl space. He gave us suggestions on what we should do, as well as how much it would save us. (I was too chicken to ask Gregg for a picture for Schmate!)

The best part of this Nashville Energy Works program is that if we make 15% of Gregg’s recommendations, we get half of the money back that we used to make the improvements (up to $1500). How cool is that?

Gregg gave us a book and more information on how to save energy. When we make improvements, we can call him back again so that he can make the final inspection to see if we did everything correctly. Gregg was super helpful, very patient and thorough. It was a good experience, for sure. (Comment if you want me to pass along his info! JD and I would both recommend him!)

Arriving in the mail a couple of weeks after the inspection was a fun “kit” of items, including compact fluorescent bulbs, water filters, and temperature magnets. Pretty cool.

Overall, I really appreciated the experience and all that was offered through the mayor’s program. Oh, and don’t you know it: I wrote Mayor Dean a thank you note!

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