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You are my cup of tea

June 6, 2011

I work on a large floor full of cubicles, offices and one shared kitchen. Every few months, our little department is in charge of cleaning the kitchen on a specific Friday afternoon, and as you would guess it, I am that person who is in charge of rallying my “team” and telling the floor when we’ll be cleaning. My favorite part of this process is sending out the reminder email because I’ll attach a fun cartoon or picture to make people more cheerful about labeling their food (or I’ll toss it! I’m ruthless!). It was our turn again last Friday, and while looking for the right picture to post, I found Restyle Etsy shop full of prints, and I thought it was too fun not to share with you.

Here’s the picture I posted for my office to enjoy via email (don’t worry, I linked back to the picture!). “In the Kitchen” $19

This is a cute one! “You are my cup of tea” $19

Love the Tom Petty reference in this “I will be king” poster, $19

“May the Force Be With You” … forever!! ($15)

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