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Thirty before 30 Status Update

June 8, 2011
I have just under 7 months to finish up my Thirty before 30 list, and some friends have asked how things are going and where I am in my progress. Here’s a quick summary and some notes on what’s going on.
Accomplished so far: 7
In the middle of working on: 3
I’ve made some notes below.
1. Run a 5K. I’m planning on running this at the Oktoberfest 5K here in Nashville. Cooler temps and a cold beer at the finish line is much more enticing than a hot summer run.
3. Teach Lucy to shake paws. No progress yet, but JD suggested that instead of Lucy shaking paws, I should teach her to shake her whole body instead. Lucy’s recent bout with a scratched cornea has delayed my instruction, but I have learned that she really loves Havarti cheese!
4. Write a business plan for Kate Schmate, whatever that may be. Yeah, who knows where I’m going with this. Anyone?
5. Spend at least 25 more hours working on my calligraphy style. Not even close to starting. I’ll get there, preferably around Christmas card time.
8. Make family birthday cards for a full year ahead, including stamps, without inside birthday messages. Put post-its on what date to drop in the mail. Hope to do this over the summer.
9. Spend one random Sunday and write thank-you notes to the people who I appreciate and love. Again, over the summer.
10. Complete 6 more DIY projects on Kate Schmate. Uno: Jar-labeling with chalkboard paint. I’ve got some ideas on projects 2 and 3, and I still need to post a couple of projects I did over Christmas.
11. Construct an Emergency Plan for our house and family. (Check smoke detectors, restock batteries and flashlights, etc.) September is National Emergency Preparedness Month, so I plan to do that then, since it’s more dorky that way.
12. Start doing community service once a month. Yeah…
14. Print out favorite pictures I’ve taken and display them in our house. (landscapes, friends, family) Working on it.
15. Try going one week without eating meat, and record it in a food journal. Too scared! Although my cousin Jan has given me some good tips, I just don’t have a spare weekend where I won’t be an inconvenience on friends or vacation plans.
17. Reorganize my spice cabinet. Halfway there, I think.
18. Find my favorite type of wine… so that I’ll know what I’m talking about when I order from a restaurant. I’m always experimenting with wine but haven’t really dived in yet.
19. Use the grill! Know what to do when grilling outside. We’re grilling out tonight! Looking forward to practicing with JD.
20. Read the Bible from cover to cover. Currently working on this… it’s a BIG task.
21. Decide about getting a tattoo once and for all. And then stop talking about it! I think I’ve made up my mind….
22. Create something with Maw Maw’s spoons. I finally have some ideas, just haven’t decided which one.
23. Participate in the getting rid of A Thing A Day(ATAD) challenge for one month. I’m excited about this one… I’ll try to do it soon.
24. Memorize the recipe to my awesome “Chocolate Chip Cookies with a Twist” to make them any time, anywhere. Haven’t. even. begun.
27. Take a cooking class with JD. Already booked! We’re taking a couples’ cooking class at Whole Foods in July for our anniversary.
28.  Redo one room in our house. Thanks for coming to help me in late summer, Mom!
29.  Straighten up! Improve my posture and stop being a sloucher. Been reading and being more aware of this. This one has been at the top of my mind recently. Right, Hillary??
30.  Learn how to play chess. Anyone want to be my teacher?
So, as you can see, I’m getting there. Any suggestions or tips at this point would be really awesome. I need to speed it up though, don’t you think?
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    June 9, 2011 9:31 am


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