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Girl Meets Grill

June 21, 2011

I’m just knocking ’em off the list now! I am happy to report that I now feel competent on the grill, which was a to-do on my Thirty before 30 list. I say competent because that’s exactly what I mean: I just know the basics. But, hey! That’s better than nothing which was my situation before last week.

JD and I were given a cute red grill a couple of years ago by JD’s parents, and it has collected dust in our garage. We’ll bring it out maybe once a summer, but we always have friends nearby or someone to do most of the work (ahem, Graham). This summer, I was convinced that we would learn how to use it by ourselves. We’re adults, for goodness sake. Knowing how to grill is a sign that you’ve made it in the world (along with getting gray hair and having a museum membership).

So last week, we formed our charcoal in the shape of a pyramid, let our coals get hot, and practiced with a perfectly marinated piece of meat (JD’s marinade to come later). Success! Then, a couple of days later, we tried it again! And we’re learning… Finally, on Friday, JD and our very nice friend Allan were in the process of fixing our fence (yay!), so I boldly started the grill myself and made hamburgers for JD, Allan, Allan’s wife Christine and their cute kiddos. I grilled all by myself (kind of… thanks, JD!).

The point of all of this is: just practice. Geez, a big part of trying something new is forcing yourself to learn, trial and error, making mistakes and doing something else. I’m so glad I feel more comfortable with the whole process. I’m no Bobby Flay, but I can definitely roast a hot dog!

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  1. Kim permalink
    June 21, 2011 11:56 am

    No Fear Grilling…but better yet, what a gorgeous picture not only of the fixed fence in the background, but also that perfect girl in the front!

  2. Stu permalink
    June 21, 2011 10:34 pm

    “Perfect” may be a stretch…

    Also, you did boldly start the grill yourself, but you did not make hamburgers for me, unless by that you mean that you freaked out after 2 minutes of cooking and begged me to finish the grilling.


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