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Luster Cluster: safety pins, upcycling, and wings

June 22, 2011

Here are a few things that have piqued my interest lately.

How pretty are these safety pins? from martalugo jewels Etsy shop

* * * * *

This article recently led me to listen to the unabridged “Anna Karenina” on my daily commutes. Nothing like a cup of coffee and ol’ Leo Tolstoy to get your day started.

* * * * *

Love this organization idea… straight from your pantry to the studio! (maybe one time through the dishwasher first?)

* * * * *

Speaking of clever ways to reuse things, new favorite blog alert: Unconsumption. Very fun.

* * * * *

Even though JD and I are going on 7 (!!!) years of marriage this July, I still love looking at wedding projects, including this beautiful burlap boutonniere tutorial. Bravo!

* * * * *

Isn’t this genius?? Reusing old knobs and locks! Love it! (thanks, Design*Sponge)

* * * * *

Who gets the Mom of the Year award? The mom who made this awesome costume for her daughter.

* * * * *

Oh my, these are pretty. Upcycled Leather Pouches ($36), via OhJoy

* * * * *

Remember my shoe re-do a couple of months back? Well, this cute blogger has a bunch of fun renovations for le foot! Here, here, here, here and here. Thanks so much for the heads up, Kristen!


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  1. June 27, 2011 11:25 pm

    I just love those tin can organizers. So cute!

  2. Lauren Kruck permalink
    June 29, 2011 8:40 pm

    Oh I love listening to books on tape! I actually listen to all kinds of things on tape on my commute to and from Barbri. Here are my top recommendations now that you’re done with Anna Karinia. All of the Harry Potter books. Have you ever listened to them on CD? The guy that reads them is AWESOME. He won an Oscar or something. Also, I am a big fan of Andy Stanley’s sermons, and a bunch of them are available on Itunes podcasts for free. They’re the perfect length to get done in a roundtrip commute, and they’re really funny but applicable to life, and engaging enough to be able to listen to it in the car without zoning out.

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