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Getaway in Toxaway

July 11, 2011

Well, hello! I’m back! I was glad to take last week off, get caught up on a few things, and return ready with good content. But, first, let me tell you about our awesome adventure to North Carolina over the 4th…

Thanks to our very good friends Mary and Micah (our maid of honor and best man in our wedding… who are also married), we were invited to stay with them in a family friend’s cabin in Lake Toxaway, NC. Thanks to kind Nashville pals who took care of Lucy for us, the cabin being free, and cooking all of our meals, JD and I felt like we could swing it financially, especially since we haven’t seen Mary and Micah in a long time.

So glad we went! Wow, what a fun trip. I felt like we were in a cabin from “Dirty Dancing,” only fewer cheeseball lines and no Swayze. We went canoeing, hiking, boating, bumper-tubing and … camp-fire-making (? I know, a stretch). The cabin had no AC, which made me nervous at first (I’m a hot mess in the summer), but the weather was windy and in the mid-70s most of the time. It was glorious.

And, as you know, I’ve got quite a fantastic phobia of snakes, but much to JD’s delight in being able to tease me, I put mothballs all around the cabin before everyone else arrived, and I didn’t see a single snake. The trip was even more of a success! (Apparently snakes don’t like the smell of mothballs… I don’t know. I’ll do whatever it takes. Even be the subject of relentless teasing.)

Growing up in south Louisiana plus many summers at Scoutshire Wood Girl Scout camp apparently instilled in me instincts after a long hiatus… driving a boat, how to canoe (brawn in the front, brain in the back), and maintaining a campfire. My favorite part of the weekend was getting to drive the boat around as all the boys piled onto the tube.

I had a great time, we ate and drank well, and it was so fun to be with our dear friends in a gorgeous setting.

our 4th of July supper


Me and Mary in the canoe


Micah, JD and Chad being goofballs in the canoe


too much giggling


Micah driving the boat, awesome mountains in the distance



I can't believe this tube still floated.



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