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July 13, 2011

Over G-chat today after lunch, JD and I have a conversation about a personal — and professional — conundrum:

Kate:     so, here’s a weird dilemma. I eat edamame all the time.

JD:     you do

Kate:     so, I use the salt that is provided in the  kitchen.

I don’t know where this salt comes from, but I use it, like community salt.

I’ve noticed lately that the salt has gone down in amount, and it seems someone just threw it away.

I’ve been having saltless edamame for a week or so, and finally I’ve just given up, went to [my department]’s event closet and found salt in there. It looks identical to the salt that was in the kitchen.

I now have a salt shaker on my desk.

Do I bring it to the kitchen? Put it back in the closet and get it out every time I use edamame? Or keep it at my desk for no one else to use?….

JD:     I’d take it to the kitchen OR WOULD I???

(we talk about other stuff)

Kate:     so what do I do with the salt again?

JD:    kitch

Kate:    yeah, you’re right

JD:     you no like my suggestion?

Kate:    i just like the idea of hoarding salt.

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  1. Kim permalink
    July 13, 2011 9:02 pm

    And need I remind you two of the harmful effects of too much sodium…..

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