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ATAD: Week 2

July 19, 2011

Another week, another scrounging through our house for items to eliminate! This time, I enlisted the help of JD, who was not happy to oblige. A self-proclaimed pack rat and lover of all things nostalgic, JD had a very hard time looking through items to get rid of. At one point, after I asked him about some pillows, he said, “I get nostalgic when I see them or things like them [gifts/possessions from early in our marriage], but I never think about them unless I see them… so I wouldn’t miss them if they were gone.” This was a very big step, so I appreciate his sacrifice!

Here are some things we got rid of this week:

  • Board games (We have so. many. board. games. Mostly because we like playing them, but truthfully, we don’t play all of them.)

  • More dresses and clothes from my closet. (I finally parted with a dress I wore during my wedding season that I didn’t really like. And, at my college graduation, I noticed the Dean’s wife was also wearing that dress, so I figured it was a little too old for me!)
  • The random items you get when you win company prizes: the lunchbag for completing 20,000 steps of exercise in one month or the frisbee for filling out a survey. Why am I holding on to those cheap things?

  • More paperbacks (And, yes, thanks for the suggestions about swapping them… but I do really just want to free up more room in my house!)
  • A few gifts that I just don’t have the heart to re-gift…

This is starting to get harder and harder! I know I can keep going, but I need to really begin digging around. At least I’m halfway through!

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