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ATAD: Week 3

July 28, 2011

Here’s a little-known fact about me… when I finish a big project at work — like a review of a semester’s events or a large proposal — I bring the papers into my boss’ office while singing the Star Wars theme song. I have no idea why I do this… maybe it’s my subconscious victory song after so many years of watching the movie? I don’t know, but I do this when I feel particularly accomplished after completing something that has been so tedious.

Well, this week, I sang the Star Wars theme song in my head as JD and I brought our very old, very broken TV to the electronic-waste disposal site in Nashville. This was a big step for us. After many attempts at repair after the “red light of death” in 2008, we finally decided it was time to get rid of the big machine… no need for it to continue to clutter our closet that we sometimes use as our tornado shelter. (Snuggling a large TV isn’t the most comforting thing while the sirens are going off.)

So yay for the ATAD challenge and recycling a large piece of electronic equipment that was the reason I even put myself up to do the ATAD month to begin with!

Other items I got rid of this week:

  • more books!
  • a few pocket purses and outdated handbags. (I looooove bags. Too much.)

  • more kitchen gadgets.

I know, I know… a boring week once we got rid of the TV. I hope the next and final week of ATAD will be creative, at least for you to read!

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