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ATAD: Week 4

August 2, 2011

Well, I’m done. Done with finding random objects… A Thing A Day to get rid of. I tried to limit myself to the rooms we use most often, rather than cheating and going into the junk closet for all my loot. But, had I given myself the challenge of ATAD for a year, I would be in a tight spot. Just a month was totally do-able, and I think everyone should try to get rid of something at least once a week. (Warning, cheeseball moment…) Truly, you can’t take your things with you when you die, so why not give them to someone who may use them while you’re living?

Anyway, here was what I gathered over my last week of scrounging up items to get rid of:

  • An as-old-as-our-marriage oven mitt. I’m so embarrassed I’m putting this ugly thing on Schmate. I should have thrown it away years ago. Gross. Especially since I got three nice new ones this Christmas.

  • A tacky oven mitt.The previous owners of our house left us this oven mitt by accident (I can only guess/hope). We haven’t even been to the Cayman Islands. I don’t even know where they are… (Don’t tell Mr. Grigas who taught me geography!)

  • A belt-clip for a phone that JD doesn’t even own anymore. Why has this been in our house so long??

  • Another dumb frisbee. Why? Why in the world have we kept this stupid frisbee? Why do we hold on to generic frisbees? We haven’t frisbee-d since 2004. And we even hate Charter!

  • More random swag from different companies
  • Another ugly oven mitt (actually a pot holder)

Whew… (over) 31 items that I’ve donated or trashed since July 1. Not bad. Thanks for coming along for the ride! Anything you’re currently getting rid of around your house?

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  1. August 2, 2011 8:06 pm

    Coach Grigas? Did you just give a shout-out to Coach Grigas? Well played, ma’am.

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