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Butterfly Birthday: DIY Welcome Wreath

August 30, 2011

My niece Olivia celebrated her first birthday this weekend, and for our gift to her, I decorated her party. I loved the theme — butterflies — because it was fun, happy and colorful, and I was excited to work on the project! We also stuck with a mommy-approved color scheme of purple, pink and royal blue.

During this week’s series of posts, I want to convince you to go ahead and do decorations yourself instead of buy generic ones from the store because they are more fun, less expensive, and can probably be nicer. But, first, check out how cute my niece is!

Ok, sorry: P.A.M. (Proud Aunt Moment)

I’ll start off with the special wreath that welcomed everyone to the party.

DIY Butterfly Wreath

Here are the items you need:

  • Green floral foam wreath ring ($5)
  • Rafia (used from decorating a friend’s wedding last summer)
  • Straight pins (already had)
  • Small, cut-out butterflies (we’ll get to that tutorial later… fun paper $5)
  • Other fun add-ons (depending on your theme and the sales at the store! Mine was $3.)
  • Different colored bauble straight pins ($4 for 200)

Start off by individually wrapping pieces of rafia around the green foam and securing it with plain straight pins. You may think the pin heads will be more visible, but don’t worry… they’ll be covered up soon. This takes the longest and it can be frustrating, but the result is a lot of fun.

Now the fun part… add butterflies. I’m saving this post for later on, but I used butterflies that I (and friends) had pre-cut. I then used the pretty-bauble-topped pins to stick the butterflies into the wreath. I folded the butterflies in half so they would have depth, and then I stuck the fold with a pin.

I realized that the wreath looked super two-dimensional if I only put butterflies on the front, so I also added them to the sides. This also helped cover up some rafia-laziness if I didn’t completely cover the sides (below).

I later added some cute pre-made Hobby Lobby butterflies to the edges to give it more variety.

The wreath turned out wonderfully, kept to the color scheme and theme, and was a fun welcome to the party near the gift table. I’m excited to show you more this week!

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  1. Annette Stuart permalink
    August 30, 2011 3:51 pm

    It was so wonderfully decorated. So cute. Everyone loved the decorations! Thanks, Kate.
    Love, ~Annette

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