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Nerds in Love

September 1, 2011

My G-chat conversation with JD, the day after a particularly terrible 3-in-one-night loss while playing our favorite game Agricola

Kate: i never win… at anything

JD: you got pregnant before i did

Kate: at least i’ve got magic growing in my belly

JD: wait — WAT we have a mud-blood???

Kate: NO. We have a wizard.

JD: who’s the magician father, you muggle so-and-so???

Kate: hahaha

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  1. Jan permalink
    September 1, 2011 10:52 pm

    Um… so it taking longer than you were hoping to get pregnant… you were trying to be ‘fair’ in seeing which of you would get pregnant first?!

    That’s generous of you J.D. to be so open minded…. and all that implies!

    When I was 14 your mom tried to explain to me how or when (time of month) you can get pregnant… Years later in Sex ed class… I found out none of that info was correct. I still have the book from class and never forgot the mental image of what my face must have looked like during her explanation….

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