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A little change in my fashion…

September 14, 2011

Alert! Pregnancy post! Skip over if this bores you!

I’ve got to talk just briefly about some fashion issues I’ve been dealing with now that I am starting to show. (Woot! I no longer look like I overindulged with a dozen doughnuts.)

A couple of weeks ago, it started to feel tight in my britches. So I just started unbuttoning the top button of my pants when I sat down. This was only a temporary solution… I couldn’t keep my pants unbuttoned all the time! I also couldn’t wear elastic skirts all the time… not really a great solution, especially as it is starting to get colder.

I recently discovered belly bands thanks to an Oh Joy! post about how she continued to wear her regular pants despite being very pregnant. What a novel idea, I thought. But I was still confused as to how it worked.

But, I chose to go through Etsy seller System 63, and I bought a reasonably priced set of two on Etsy for $20 (much cheaper than Target at $17/each). And, all I can say about them is….

AHHHHHHHH. I feel so much better. I can wear all my normal pants, but with what looks like a tube top over the waistband. I can unbutton the top button (and even unzip a little of the zipper!) and it’s totally covered by this awesome contraption. (I really should have bought one when I gained my Sophomore Sixteen back in college!!!)

I’ve been wearing them for a few weeks and really love it. I bought both black and white bands.

So, here’s the System 63 Etsy shop, which also has other fun articles of clothing too.

Two belly bands ($20)

Colette Stripe Shirt ($38)

Navy Circular Scarf ($35)

Navy dress ($80)


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