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DIY: Cloud Wall Murals

September 22, 2011


My kind mother, after many hours helping me repaint the nursery, sent me a tutorial on how to paint the cloud murals that she worked on. I of course wanted to share this with you, but, guys, I’m not going to exaggerate here: my mom is a professional artist. She is ridiculously talented and one of those people who can just whip out a professional drawing while you’re sitting at lunch with her. You don’t have to be jealous… just know that when you’re reading through this, don’t be too hard on yourself if you can’t completely imitate. Bless her heart, my professional artist mother (who is also a teacher) wanted to share this with you, but if you can’t do it, I’m sure she’d talk to you personally about how to fix/change/make it better.


  • natural sponges of varying sizes
  • plate/palette
  • 1-inch brush
  • wall paint in white, deeper blue-green and the wall color
  • ladder
  • Icy Hot pads for your sore neck muscles afterwards

Technique: Wall clouds appear as clouds in the distance because we see their sides.

  • With the largest sponge, pat on white in the shape of a long, drawn out mountain-scape, making sure that each “mountain” cloud is a different size than the one you just did and that they are not in perfect rows.
  • With same sponge and while white is still wet, pat bits of the deeper blue green under the clouds to represent the shadows created as the clouds block the sunlight.
  • After the first application is dry, come back with white and the 1-inch brush and paint in some crisp white tops to some of the peaks of some of the clouds.
  • With a smaller sponge, pat the wall color back into the clouds so that they will appear to fade in spots. (Remember: your viewer should never be able to tell which was the last color you applied.)

Technique: Ceiling clouds appear as simple cotton puffs because we see them from underneath.

  • With the largest sponge, pat on white and bits of deeper blue green fading out toward the center of the room. Think “less is more” as you are allowing the sky to show through. We faded out the clouds long before they got to the ceiling fan.
  • Go back now and add bits of the base wall/ceiling color to help the white and deep blue green fit in.

Easy, right? Seriously, though, Mom did a great job.

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