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Luster Cluster: chevrons, tutorials, and Tom Hanks

September 27, 2011

Bleah. So I am pretty sure I caught a stomach bug, and it’s been not awesome. This past weekend was completely crazy, and then during a Monday morning staff meeting, I started to feel a little rumble. The rest of Monday and much of today was pretty rough, but what else do you do when you cancel all your meetings and previous engagements? You blog! The computer doesn’t care if you have to run to the bathroom between paragraphs! (Nor does your dog, who I think actually prefers me being home sick than at work!)

So, after a brief hiatus, here’s my latest installment of Luster Cluster:

You know my fun (but apparently — to some — creepy) picture of me and my favorite Sick Day canine buddy? This tutorial on Door Sixteen is good, user-friendly way to make your own circle picture.

* * * * *

How awesome are these thank you cards?? This is probably inappropriate for baby gift thank you’s but I think they are hilarious.

* * * * *

Lupin at Bugs and Fishes has two great tutorials on how to make Felt Owls and Christmas ornaments. Great ideas for Christmas, folks…

* * * * *

Apparently, you can grow your own pineapple from taking off their stem and waiting two years. Could be a cool houseplant?

* * * * *

Quick story: after perusing Pinterest (which I love and also don’t like that much), I declared to JD one night that “chevron” was my favorite pattern. He humored me, asked me what it was exactly, and I showed him a couple of my pins from the site. Later that week while playing Taboo with some friends, my clue was “zigzag,” and I said, “The pattern of a chevron.” JD, who was not on my team, leans over to me and says, “I know the answer!” Sigh, my hero.

Anyway, here are fun chevron cookies and how to make them. Nice, eh?

* * * * *

My friend Emily wrote a great post on good tips on learning how to run. Great for beginners and regular runners too.

* * * * *

I love all things strawberries, so this is a fun project for whittled strawberries. Very fun.

* * * * *

Can someone please make these cake batter pancakes for me? How yum!

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  1. September 27, 2011 10:16 pm

    those pancakes… oh my gosh…

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