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Doing a service

October 6, 2011

#12 on my Thirty before 30 list: “Start doing community service once a month.”

I have definitely done some community service, but it is not what I envisioned it being when I first drew up this list. I also think it kind of defeats the purpose of doing service if I spend time on here patting myself on the back, so I won’t go into any details. That said, I feel good about crossing it off my list.

I do hope I’m able to do community service regularly when the baby comes and I have less time. I hope I can think beyond the box of just my little family unit when that time comes. It’s something I’ll be praying about. And, as always, ideas are welcome as to how I can juggle it!

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  1. Annette Stuart permalink
    October 6, 2011 2:48 pm

    Kate, I have always thought that knitting or crocheting booties for a pregnancy center would be a fun as well as rewarding community service. Maybe you can teach me how, because I’d love to do it. Love, Annette

  2. Jan permalink
    October 6, 2011 10:18 pm

    Look up, sign up for and participate in a local MOPs group. Mother’s of Preschoolers.
    This group can be a profound resource for finding out you are not alone. Additionally, you have lots of opportunity to offer meaninful support to other local moms!
    You don’t have to wait until you have little Maggie… go ahead and check it out.
    There is free childcare offered during the monthly meetings!

    Even if these meetings fall during a time you are at work, there are regular play-dates as well as mom’s night out. It’s definitely a full circle opportunity to serve that fits perfectly with little ones!

    Another way you can do something is organize meals for families that are going though a tough time. You’ve seen prayer requests come through via mass email… well, here’s a call to action that can have a dramatic impact. – here’s their explanation from the site: is an online tool for coordinating the delivery of meals to loved ones. If someone is ill, elderly, or has had a new baby, oftentimes family, friends, co-workers, church members rally around these families to take them meals. In the past, one person would coordinate (by phone or e-mail) the scheduling of the meals. Now, the meal coordinator can use to allow the meal providers to sign up for the day or days when they will provide meals to the meal recipients.

    This is something you can put together right from home or office without the need to feel pushy with follow up calls.

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