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Emergency Planning: We’re Ready!

November 1, 2011

I’m a few months past Emergency Preparedness Month (September), but that didn’t stop us from getting our house equipped for an unexpected disaster… and checking off another item from the Thirty before 30 list!

JD doing a great job replacing batteries in the garage.

I started by doing some research. Vanderbilt University Medical Center actually has a great site for good emergency preparedness links, since they are a Level 1 Trauma Center. They have tons of resources to equip faculty and staff with ways to best be prepared. I began at their Emergency Preparedness page and then ventured to find other resources. Here are some different links that I found helpful:

The last three documents above I actually printed out because I like them so much. (And, just for fun, here’s how to prepare for the impossible emergency… a zombie apocalypse!)

Here are a few things JD and I did to prepare… something we haven’t done since we started living in our house in 2008:

  • Checked all smoke alarms and added batteries to ones that did not have any. (Do you know how annoying it is to be awaken by beeping, low-battery smoking alarms? Yeah, we never replaced many of those.)
  • Installed our CO2 monitor that was required for our Home Energy Audit.
  • Decided on our “meeting spot” in case we get separated during a disaster or home fire.
  • Checked our water supply and stocked up on bottled water. (Our rain barrel could be a good backup in case of a major disaster also.)
  • Created an “emergency box” with a few canned good, some extra batteries, our sleeping bag that we never use, water bottles, flashlights, matches, extra First Aid supplies, and other assorted goods. (I think I do a good job of keeping an ample supply of First Aid supplies, JD’s medicine, Lucy’s food and canned goods, but these few extras couldn’t hurt.)

  • Identified and located items that we would need in case of a power outage: flashlights, candles, manual can opener, battery-powered radios (our alarm clocks!) and extra blankets.
  • Checked our home-owners insurance to see if it was to our liking. Especially after the tree-fence-incident-of-2011, we’re more aware of what is covered and what is not.

I feel much better now! Especially with a baby on the way, weird incidents and unexpected disasters were the last thing on my mind. Glad to know we’re a little more equipped.

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  1. Stu permalink
    November 1, 2011 5:50 pm

    That guy looks rugged and manly.

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