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Coney and Adorable

November 15, 2011

So, the Lucy the Goose has had some issues recently… more issues with her big bulging eyes. We had to put her back in the cone for most of October, and when we went to  a specialist, they told us she needed to wear a cone 24/7 for about four weeks. We did transition to a softer cone than the one below, but she was still really cute regardless.

And who can resist this cute breed for art? I mean, I know I can’t… so how  can I blame Etsy shop African Grey? Look how cute these cards and prints are!

“Wash Your Hands” print ($16)

Pugs are pretty cute too, wouldn’t you say? “Swinging Pug” $15

Even calendars! Puppy Mugs Calendar 2012 ($10)

So cute… definitely a fun shop. More fun? This picture of someone who is very sad about her coned appearance.

By the way, Lucy has healed very well, and she doesn’t have to wear the cone anymore, but it was sure adorable while it lasted.

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