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Prepping “Gram”

January 2, 2012

This year, I unfortunately did not complete many DIY projects for my Christmas gifts, even though I love putting time and effort into them when I can. But, one special gift I’d like to share with you is the bag full of goodies I gave to my mom.

My mom has been (and continues to be) a big help since I got pregnant. From painting the nursery to the promise of help in the future when Maggie arrives, Mom has been a trooper in the help department. I know she’s just as excited as I am about this first birth, so to celebrate that and to thank her for her support, my big Christmas gift to her this year was a little special: a “Gram Bag” of goodies to help her be the best Gram she can be!

The bag was embroidered with her “grandma name” and included supplies that she’ll need to be a grandmother. She can use the bag each time she sees Maggie, using it to hold all of her tricks and fun grandmother things.

Included in the “Gram Bag” was:

  • Map of Nashville
  • Headache meds
  • Anti-bacterial gel
  • Kleenex
  • Mini-baby lotion and soap
  • Notepad, highlighter and pen
  • Jelly beans (just for fun)

If Mom didn’t have hearing aids, I would have given her ear-plugs, but she’s fine in that department!

One other added element was a Countdown Chain until Maggie’s arrival. Kind of like an Advent Tree of sorts, Mom can tear away a loop from the Countdown Chain on each day until Maggie’s due date. The gray loops are just fun old pages from a previous project, but on the pink loops, there are tips on newborn care.

Thankfully, my mom doesn’t have the attitude, “I know exactly what to do when this baby arrives!” I know this because after telling her I went to a “Newborn Care” class, she said, “Did you take notes? I want to read all of your notes!” I love that about her.

So, I added some tips that I recently learned to the Countdown Chain so she’s be totally prepared for helping me in those first few days after Maggie is born.

The whole chain is below. (The due date seems so far away!)

Not exactly a DIY project but it’s a gift that required a little more thought and a bit more love. There will be lots of “firsts” for Gram, but this gets her there with more anticipation and fun facts!

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  1. Gram permalink
    January 2, 2012 2:15 pm

    When people ask me what I got for Christmas, my answer is NOT my iPhone from Zab or my neat Keurig coffee pot from Dickie. My instant response is my Gram Chain. Now, two weeks later, I know so much more about

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