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Chess, Demystified

January 4, 2012

For most of my life, I was completely confused about chess. It seemed like only extremely smart people played, the game could last forever, and you have to play while sitting in a very fancy setting, like a cabin overlooking a lake or at a ski resort. Obviously, this is weird but I have always dismissed chess as “too smart for me.”

I’m glad I cut that out. Embarrassingly, after the “Harry Potter” where Ron orchestrates the “Wizard’s Chess” game with great success, I thought to myself… seriously? I can learn this. I mean, I love other nerdy, strategy games like Agricola and Settlers of Catan… I could play chess! But, I didn’t have any motivation to learn until I put it on my Thirty before 30 list as #30.

My fellow blogger friend Meghan offered to teach me how to play, and I took her casual suggestion seriously. So one Friday before Christmas, we headed to lunch and she drew out on a Noshville napkin how to play. We talked mostly rules but a little bit of strategy as well. She was a great teacher (I highly recommend her for future chess needs!), and I felt much better about what it involved.

Then, I played a few games with JD and then once later on with Meghan, and I feel much better about the whole thing. I do have a hard time thinking three or so moves ahead, I tend to be on the defense more than the offense, and risk seems more fun than being cautious to me (but then I lose most of my good players). Overall, it’s very fun if you want to play a game where you need to think and focus. I’m so glad I at least feel competent about the game.

I’m just relieved that chess is no longer a blurry mess to me when referenced… perhaps the whole goal of adding it to my list!

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  1. April 7, 2012 2:31 am

    Wonderful post, I loved it because the same thing happened to me, but there was nobody who taught me how to play, I just improved my skills with practice.

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