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Friday Feast: Chocolate Chip Snickers Cookies

January 13, 2012

Can I tell you the best variation I have ever seen to a simple chocolate chip cookie? I came across this recipe via Pinterest, and wow… so easy and amazing! Just add Snickers!

Here’s how… do everything you would normally do to make your favorite chocolate chip cookies. You can use my favorite recipe, or Melinda’s vegan chocolate chip cookies, or just use a store-bought mix. Cut up snickers into 1-inch wide slivers, similar-looking to butter pats. (I halved bite-sized ones, but I’m sure you could use the normal size.) Prior to baking, use your hands and grab enough dough for a cookie and pat it down flat. Place a Snickers “butter pat” and place on top of the flat dough. Wrap the cookie around the Snickers so that none of the candy is exposed. Cook according to your recipe’s directions.

The cookies come out deliciously, and it’s a fun variation on regular chocolate chip cookies. Great for if you have an excess from Halloween, Christmas or Easter!

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  1. Graham Lea permalink
    January 13, 2012 10:05 pm

    Yes, please!

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