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Chew Beads

January 19, 2012

My coworkers kindly threw me a baby shower last week, and I received some very lovely gifts and clothes for Maggie. (Things are starting to get real, y’all! Just a few more weeks left.) One of the cool things that two of the hostesses gave me was this beautiful strand of “Chew Beads,” a necklace that Maggie is safe to gnaw on while I’m holding her.

I had never seen anything like this before, and I thought it was a super creative gift idea! I looked them up as well as other “chew beads” and found some fun varieties that I thought were worth sharing.

The original Chewbeads like I received… mine are bright turquoise. They are soft and almost feel like hard play-dough.

Another from Chewbeads necklace variation with a bracelet!

This is a fun Etsy shop — Kangaroo Care — FULL of chew bead necklaces and jewelry.

Another wooden teething bracelet from Kangaroo Care.

I love this concept… not sure whether this will actually cause Maggie to think it’s ok to chew on ALL of my jewelry, but for the season, it seems like a fun idea to solve a particularly gnawing (hehe) problem.


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