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January 27, 2012

Dunlins Block Print by Amanda Kindregan

We’re getting pretty close to the due date, and I wouldn’t necessarily say that we’re in panic mode by any stretch of the imagination… but JD and I are definitely aware of how close Maggie’s arrival is. I’m in the process of finishing up some projects, we’re completing the assembly of the nursery (even though Maggie won’t be in it for a few months or so), and I’m just generally getting things ready and clean. I think this is called nesting!

I haven’t cooked much lately — definitely not anything new — so that’s why Friday Feast posts have been a bit sparse, including today. (This is a great time to refer you to the whole Friday Feast category to look at old recipes from past months and years!)

So this is just a “thanks for bearing with me!” alert as I try to tie up some personal things before our big addition. I’m excited to set up some interesting guest posts from friends who have volunteered their time to give you some new topics to read.

I appreciate you checking back and keeping an eye on me! I’m going at a slower pace these days, so thanks for hanging tight.

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