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30 is here.

February 6, 2012

30 years old, 38 weeks (and Lucy being a ham)

On Tuesday afternoon, I got a text from my friend Della:

Tomorrow starts the first month of the rest of your life. 30. Mother. Pretty exciting.

I laughed a little. I can’t believe it is here. I’m 30! (Imagine me saying it like this video of fired up football coach Mike Gundy.)

I have been worried about this date for a few years now. 30 seemed like an age where everything needed to be perfect… and when I couldn’t get pregnant while in my late 20’s, 30 was starting to look much scarier. I think that’s most of why I created my “Thirty before 30” list… I felt helpless in my pursuits at growing old. If I had a list to work on, I could distract myself just a little bit while being creative and productive.

I’ve resigned myself that the list will not be complete… yet. Technically, I won’t have it finished by the deadline. But, that’s ok. (Even my original inspiration didn’t finish her list!) I do plan to finish it… hopefully before the end of the summer. But, I do owe you an update on the status and why there are items unfinished:

3. Teach Lucy to shake paws. Well, poor Goose had to wear the dreaded cone most of the fall which is when I planned to teach her. I had hoped to teach her to “settle” rather than shake paws, since that seemed more important with Maggie on the way. But then her eye issues came up and we were severely delayed. Christmas and all things baby have been in the way since. I hope to work on her during Maternity Leave. Quite possibly out of necessity…

5. Spend at least 25 more hours working on my calligraphy style. Yeah… 25 hours is a lot. Our Stuart Family Christmas cards ended up being about 3 hours of calligraphy. I’m still honing my style, but I do plan to work more on it throughout this year. I just wish I had something to practice on… like a project or something productive which would motivate me to finish!

14. Print out favorite pictures I’ve taken and display them in our house. (landscapes, friends, family) This is actually done.. I just need to show you how I’ve displayed them!

22. Create something with Maw Maw’s spoons. Pretty close to finished with this. Thank goodness for a mild winter and spray paint!

24. Memorize the recipe to my awesome “Chocolate Chip Cookies with a Twist” to make them any time, anywhere. I just completely lost interest in doing this! Fine, ok… it’s on the list. I’ll do it.

29.  Straighten up! Improve my posture and stop being a sloucher. I have techniques and more information on how to achieve this, but the third trimester severely stunted my progress. I can’t wait to show you what I’ve worked on and how, though. I’m just not done yet.

So, I’ve got some ‘splaining to do! But, I’m excited to keep going… as a thirty-year-old! Thanks for standing by me throughout, folks. I’m really looking forward to what’s ahead in this new decade.

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